Beauty Photo Sessions

Each session that I do is customized for the individual so that we do not have any “typical” shots. The settings and background may look similar but the items that you can bring to the session will really make it customized to you. There are 3 aspects to this session.

1) This is about you, so you need to bring items and clothing that make you feel beautiful. It can be a new soft and sexy outfit, something daring, or something old and familiar. The key piece is to think about what you want to come across in your images. You are beautiful, let us bring that out, bring a variety and let’s work through them.

2) Be mindful of wearing things to the session that can leave marks that will have to fade away such as bra straps and underwear lines. Less and loose is best. Please stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Sleep and rest beforehand is essential to looking your best and so are clear eyes. If needed please have eye drops with you. Throughout most of the session the focus will be on your eyes so you will want to emphasize them. Makeup should be close to what you would wear for a night out – and with just a little more emphasis. No need to go overboard. Sophisticated and Sexy is what we want to bring out. Makeup Artists should be scheduled just before your shoot and is the Client's responsibility.

3) Besides the boudoir type setting, we will do some shots like a catalog shoot – plain background – like a Victoria Secret catalog. As with the entire session we will start out slowly and as you become more comfortable, progress through to the final shots. Your comfort level is a major factor in all considerations and clients favorite shots are usually the ones where they push that comfort level one notch up and beyond. It will be a fun session above all.

Lingerie can be both the usual items, but also something new and different that will bring out the inner beauty. Whether you show it off or just know it’s under your favorite outfit, it makes a difference as to how you feel—and that comes across in the images.. A variety is best so bring what you can and we will choose based on the shot planned. More is best so if you are considering it – bring it. Items such as thongs and see through fabrics are usually used. I never want a client to say – "oh I should have brought….. but didn’t dare" –and then wish they had. Bras should be of a type that will emphasize your shape. Too much padding just isn’t as flattering as when it is under clothing. Some shots will have your back to the camera, or you will be placed strategically so that you expose only what you want to. Side shots are very popular to show shape and definition, without revealing too much. I will position you for the most flattering and appealing angles so don’t worry about how it will look, that is our job and we will adjust as necessary to make you look your best. This shoot is about you and for you. Our goal is to have the best shots that you will be proud of, not embarrassed by.

You need to bring some essentials for your own comfort including hair brushes and make up touch up supplies. Besides your eyes, your mouth is the next most important, so a lip stick and gloss that emphasizes your lips will be a benefit. You hair acts as a frame for your face and depending on your style, we may have it up at times as well as down, be prepared with pins and clips.

You should bring slippers and a robe for time in between shots and set up. The floors do tend to be cold.

Bring heels if you have them.

And bring a sense of humor and patience with yourself. Most likely have not done a photo shoot like this before and although we work with models a lot, we are used to directing individuals to achieve the best results.

Beauty sessions start at $75.00 for a basic head and shoulder, social media type shot to present the best you. Please plan on 1 hour total time including changes and makeup touch up.

A full session, up to 2 hours of shoot time, with multiple changes and styles will cost no more than $250.00 for the photography.

You’ll be amazed at the You that we will unlock. See you soon! Call, text or email if you have any questions!

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